Good morning everyone!

Remember I mentioned a giveaway yesterday? Well here we go! I am giving away 3 signed copies of book 2 of my fantasy series, Dance of Shadows. Originally, I wanted to do this giveaway on Goodreads, like I’ve done in the past. Unfortunately, since my last giveaway, Goodreads has changed their rules and are now charging for giveaways. Since I am not in a position to pay for a giveaway hosted by them, but still wanted to give away the copies I have, I am going through Rafflecopter.

RGB_Dance of Shadows (1)I am very excited to be giving these copies away. If you’ve read Winter Queen and enjoyed it, I hope you’re as anxious to know what happens next as I was when I was writing Dance! This book took my story to another level and I very much hope you will enjoy reading it!

Let me tell you a little bit about how Rafflecopter works. You will find a link to the giveaway below. Once you go to the page, you will be able to select several options that will give you a certain amount of entries for your chance to win a free signed copy of my book. At the end of the giveaway, 3 lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of my novel. Remember, the more options you choose to complete, the more entries you receive which increases your chances at winning my book! It’s very easy, very fun, and winners will be announced on December 29th!

I hope you’ll participate in the giveaway and hope you’ll enjoy my book!

Rafflecopter link:

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