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Good Morning!

As I sat writing this morning, developing stories for characters I’ve been working on for the past two years in The Winter Queen Series, I started to wonder. How much romance do you like in a fantasy novel?

After I’d finished writing the first book of my series, I realized I’d not put in as much romance as I usually do. I knew it would come eventually (I just can’t help myself 😉 ), but working out how to weave blossoming love between characters we’d already been introduced to, as well as new arrivals, was (for the first time ever) a challenge for me. I almost always go into a story with a romance in mind, knowing exactly the how and when of it happening.

Clea2Instead, for The Winter Queen Series, I found myself more focused on strong characters, magic and conflict. But going into Book 2, A Dance of Shadows, I wanted to change things up a bit. I wanted to bring more of a love story to some of my favorite people and now the romance is flowing directly into Book 3.

So this morning, I paused and realized I’d never really thought of it before. How much romance do I like in a fantasy novel? What do I want to see? How much of a main theme do I want the romance side of a novel about magic and queens and dragons to be?

What do you think? How much romance do you like to see in your fantasy novels? Which fantasy books that feature romance are your favorites?

As I wait for your answer, let’s meet another character you will find in Book 2, A Dance of Shadows. 🙂

I’m excited to introduce this next character to you! Please welcome Jabon Malaki to our Winter Queen Series family! A nobleman of Kaldon, Jabon is the older sibling of Tyrese and Gelsey Malaki, as well as the brother by law of Afra Malaki. For the past five years, Jabon has lived with a broken heart. He thought his life was over when he was forced to swear false fealty to Roderick Kael and accept that Adlae Sundragon was dead. Now with her return, Jabon knows new hope.

As Jabon is introduced, we’re not sure what to think of him. Creating him was difficult,Jabon1 because even with Adlae’s return, his heart is in turmoil. Can he love her since she’s changed so much? Will this alter their relationship forever? Jabon is a strong, powerful man, but he does not possess magic, a difference between them neither he or Adlae are willing to face at this time. Honorable and determined, Jabon will do whatever it takes to make the world right again.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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